Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beijing Royal School... A Public/Private School

November 11th

Beijing Royal School

In 2003 a joint venture between a private corporation, the Fazheng Group, and the Beijing Royal School created an international high school.  The Beijing Royal incorporates the English A/O level curriculum, international; AP and SAT curricula, and the American AEOP curriculum.  It is a semi-private school receiving funding from the Fazheng Group, the Chinese government, and student tuition.

The school's brochure sates, "  ... since its founding, the school has blazed ahead on a trail of innovation and change with a high sense of responsibility and mission.  The school has improves its administration and made significant investment in its physical infrastructure.  It has brought together a first class international faculty, and has promoted the progressive idea of a well-rounded education."
The school has over 100 alumni who have attended Cambridge University, England; MIT, NYU, Princeton, and other world-class institutions.  The school celebrates student success with large billboards that illustrate student achievement by listing their name, posting their picture, and identifying the enrolled university!

We really did not get a chance to tour the facilities.  However, we did get to interact with many of the students.  They spoke perfect English and were so mature.  Beijing Royal students seemed more assertive than some of the other high school students I've interacted with during the visit.

Check out the website It is mostly in Chinese but the pictures really tell the story!

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